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6:30AM - Shuttle Service Begins
7:30AM - Road Closures Begin; No Shuttle Service
8:00AM - Shamrock Run Begins - ROADS CLOSE
9:30AM - Roads Reopen; Shuttle Service Resumes
11:30AM - Road Closures Resume; No Shuttle Service
12:00 - Shamrock Parade Begins - ROADS CLOSE
2:00PM - Roads Reopen; Shuttle Service Resumes
4:00PM - Shuttle Service Ends


Road Closures

During the Shamrock Run, the roads will temporarily close on:

  • Highway N between Motherhead and Weiss

  • Weiss Rd

  • Cottleville Parkway between Weiss Rd and Mid Rivers

  • Highway N between Mid Rivers and 5th Street

The roads will reopen to residents and business owners ONLY if they have resident passes and ONLY between 9:30am and 11am. Then Weiss Rd and Highway N between Warren Elementary and Francis Howell Central High School will close FOR ALL TRAFFIC until the parade ends at approximately 2:30pm.


We recommend parking at the St. Charles Community College. We have free shuttles traveling between the college and downtown Cottleville while the roads are open. The community college is approximately 1.5 miles from downtown Cottleville and the paved walking trails may be much quicker than the shuttles when the crowds are large.

We have reserved handicap accessibility parking at Francis Howell Central Highschool. Do not park on any private property without permission. Non-permitted vehicles in resident/owner-only zones may be towed at the owners expense. Roads into town will be closed to anyone without a travel pass between 7am - 3pm on Saturday.

There is also parking available at Walnut Grill and Mattingly’s Weldon Spring, with free shuttles running between these restaurants and downtown Cottleville. They will be running from 9am - 5pm.


Our shuttles will run between the St. Charles Community College and downtown Cottleville. There will be well-marked locations for pick up and drop off near the campus in the Yellow and Blue parking lots and Green & Red Parking lots. In Cottleville, the shuttles will drop off and pick up at well-marked designated locations near:

  • Lorenzo’s Plaza

  • Oak Street

  • Highway N & Motherhead

  • Highway N and the back ramp of Cottleville Fire Station #1

Please review the times above to see when the shuttles will be active.


No large coolers or other large items will be allowed on the shuttles.

Pets are not allowed on the shuttles.

Strollers may be allowed on the shuttles if they can fold.

Resident and Business Owner Travel Passes

Resident and Business Owner travel passes will be available at the Cottleville City Hall in March. You will need to provide proof of residency in order to collect your passes. There will a limit on passes per household. For public safety, these passes will not allow you to access the closed roads in town while the Shamrock Run or Parade are in operation.


Tents and Chairs

We will set out barricades on the Thursday and Friday before the event. Once they are in place, public spaces are first-come, first-serve. We no longer plan to move the barricades unless there is an emergency, but please do not secure any personal items to the barricades. The City of Cottleville and our volunteers will allow tents and chairs so long as they meet the following guidelines:

  • They are set up after the barricades have been placed. Any tents or other items staged before barricades are set up may be removed.

  • They are not blocking or inhibiting movement on public sidewalks, trails, parking spaces or intersections. 

  • They are not inhibiting the movement of the barricades. Any tents or other items that are physically attached to the barricades may be removed so that we can open them in the event of an emergency. 

  • They are not on private property without the owner's permission.

Any items that do not meet these criteria may be confiscated by the Police Department and will be available for pickup from the Cottleville City Hall on the following Monday.


We prefer that organizations that want to be involved with our event consider a sponsorship instead. Sponsoring helps us bring this event to the community and sustain it. We do have limited vendor opportunities available. Please contact our vendor coordinator for more information:

Wendy Berry

Executive Director

CWS Chamber of Commerce